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20 april 2012

Kinnevik fuels the rocket

Kinnevik fuels the rocket

Kinnevik has published its Q1 2012 interim report which contains some information about their investments in Rocket Internet and its portfolio companies. Kinnevik now owns 25 % of Rocket Internet.


In June 2011 Kinnevik invested 25 MEUR in Wimdu.

Kinnevik has in total invested 6,090 MSEK (910 MUSD) in Rocket Internet and portfolio companies, which they value at 7,876 MSEK. They have chosen, except for Groupon and Zalando, to value the investments at cost. Several of the companies have raised capital at higher valuations, but as those shares have better preference Kinnevik has chosen to value their investments at cost.

Kinnevik also owns 8,377,156 shares in Groupon, via an earlier investment of 20 MSEK in Rocket Internets MyCityDeal.

During Q1 2012 Kinnevik invested 2,679 MSEK in Rocket Internet and Rocket Internet portfolio companies. The majority of the money was additional investments in Zalando, Dafiti, Lamoda and Namshi, and exercised warrants in Rocket Internet. After the now exercised warrants, which they got in an earlier investment, Kinnevik owns 25 % of Rocket Internet.

Kinnevik Q1 2012 interim report (pdf)

Av: Andreas Poike

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